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Secure remote working and cyber security

For some time, several organisations have been providing flexible working practices for their employees. However, the onset of COVID-19 is posing numerous challenges, even for those that had already adopted remote working. From the logistical issues to the shortages of equipment, it has been an incredibly busy time setting up employees to work from home.
One significant issue that many didn’t anticipate was how the change of environment would impact information security. It causes decentralisation of the control and management of data and devices. Therefore, updates to devices and applications may go missed, creating a cyber security risk.
Not only that, but the pandemic has become a window of opportunity for cyber criminals. More than ever, we are heavily reliant on electronic communication rather than face-to-face communication. Therefore, online threats such as phishing are rapidly increasing on a day-to-day basis.
It is paramount to consider the risks flexible home working can bring. Let’s take a look at some common areas to focus on when implementing remote working within an organisation.