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Integrated Livestock Development Program in the Smolensk region

The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation launched the implementation of the investment project “Integrated Livestock Development Program in the Smolensk region.” Its initiator started agrotechnopark “Southern Province”, and the main integrator performs CCI RF.

“Today, many months of work to enter into the signing of the investment contract were completed.” Everything that was needed for this, we did. “Preparation of the document was the result of a serious and serious joint work of our foreign colleagues, the management of the Smolensk region, bankers, insurance companies. We believe that all this work and its result – a success story.And we want this kind of success cases replicated in our country “, – said, opening a meeting of the participants In the project, the vice president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce, Vladimir Dmitriev.

In an effort to promote regional investment projects in 2016 in the Department of Promotion of Investment and Innovation of the CCI RF, more than 160 investment projects were considered. After a thorough analysis of the 35 projects sent to investors for development and promotion. And here we are talking only of those proposals that should interest private investors. Funding for development institutions such as the Industrial Development Fund is not included.

One of these projects and has become a comprehensive program for the development of livestock in the region of Smolensk. His career began with an investment filing session organized by CCI and continued until the investment contract for an amount of 250 million euros.

The project is not designed for federal or regional funding. However, this does not mean that employers generally refuse to assist public authorities. The meeting was marked by the continued support of the project by the Smolensk Region Administration. Thanks to it, which is the necessary parameters of the project proposal (for the constant support of the CCI RF project), could, in particular, to obtain land.

In many ways, the land issue became one of the main reasons why the Stavropol “Southern Province” is ready to develop livestock farming in the Smolensk region. According to the CEO Michael Agrotechnopark Kolbasova value of the hectares leased in the Stavropol region is ten times greater than in the Smolensk region. And life has taught Russian agrarians to count every penny.

One of the major investors in the INVEMA project was the international financial and industrial group. As the meeting participants, the chairman of the board Jordi Martínez Montferrer, who always brings projects started to the end precisely because he is able to properly take into account all the risks and prospects of his investment projects. By the way, this is the group’s first project in Russia, and Mr. Montferrer is optimistic.

“We are starting to work with the new country, and it is a new challenge for us.” We are looking forward to this moment for a long time, we will try to move quickly from a part of the global trajectory and successfully complete the project. Participants in the M. Montferrer meeting. Investment partners of livestock breeding development program were also “Alfabank”, “Alpha Insurance” and the Bank “New Symbol”.

“The mission of the Federal Chamber of Commerce and its structural divisions responsible for investment and international economic cooperation, is to attract investment in the Russian economy, and to help in the case of domestic enterprises. Of this type of projects was faster.Learn, including to take advantage of the experience we have gained in working with this program. We are right in the beginning, but I hope that the construction project start before the ability to design agrotechnopark Will be carried out in the short term and in all stages of Trade and Industry Russia is willing to provide maximum support to the participants in the project “, – said in conclusion, V. Dmitriev.

The meeting was attended by the Director of the ICC Department Vyalkin Alexey RF and Alexander Kopkov, deputy head of the Department of Investment Development Sergey Kotelnikov Smolensk region and others.

RF Press Service CCI, S.Kozak