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Invema in Lubumbashi (Dem. Rep. Of Congo)

Composed by Josephine Simons (Executive Director for Africa and Middle East) and Jesus B. Fuentes (Project Financial Consultant) with Ex. Kapapa Placide, Manager Invema Kamu, Sarl, Director delegation held from 21 to 27 April, meetings with the Governor of the Province of Katanga and its various Provincial Ministers and with the Chamber of Commerce.

These meetings have served to advance the negotiations that are taking in order to formalize contracts for the financing and execution of Agroindustrial Projects, Hospitals, Social Houses as well as other services related to the supply of potable water and energy.

They also had  the opportunity to visit various sites of Calixto Munana Foundation, the hand of  its President Ex. Ms. Nathalie Aziza Munana(Ambassador of Peace), which gave a very warm welcome o the components of our delegation.