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Invema is proud to announce its expansion plans of acquiring banks throughout the world

We have seen significant growth in the scale and the performance of our business over the past couple of years. As we globally scale and expand, makes sense to have a presence in the banking sector taking advantage of our strategic plans for a continue global growth. This acquisition will allow Invema to expand our services and enhance our customers.


Celestia Aerospace Closes 100 Million euro Seed Round From Invema LTD .

Celestia side by side with invema brings pioneering solution for the development, launch, and operation of nanosatellites.

With this investment round, Celestia Aerospace launches a nanosatellite production center for the creation of Earth Observation and Secure Communications constellations, among other applications.

The production plant applies lean-manufacturing concepts typical of the automotive industry and will have a final production capacity of up to 100 units per year. The production center is complemented by the launcher development center and the operations center for Sagittarius, a pioneering launch system dedicated to delivering nanosatellites to orbit: both those developed by the company itself and also by third parties. The facilities will be located in Spain.

Celestia Aerospace is thus committed to a 360o turnkey service, which covers all phases of the life cycle of nanosatellites, from their design and manufacture, to their launch and operation, thus offering a unique comprehensive service in the aerospace industry.


Invema is pleased to announce the expansion on the Middle East with new offices in Saudi Arabia

We are really excited to announce the official opening of our new offices in Riyadh and  Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Our entry into the Middle East is an area of strategic focus thanks to our growing client base and our commitment to providing outstanding service.

The Company’s new offices in the Kingdom represent the Invema brand’s strategic expansion in the Middle East. Our main objective is to contribute to the country’s economic development and offer professional services to support local projects and companies, leveraging our global network and professional services experience.

Invema Saudi Arabia will offer clients a broad range of services, including investment, advisory, marketable securities, asset management, and investment banking. The new offices in Riyadh and  Jeddah will enable us to create a cohesive service network and further strengthen our service capabilities in the region.

Looking ahead, 2022 will be a very busy year for the Middle East team, with the onboarding of new clients and strategic partnerships. We hope to positively impact Saudi Arabia, a vibrant, ambitious, and economically resilient nation, with our services and support of upcoming projects.





Collaboration between INVEMA LTD and SAD AFRICA INTERNATIONAL for the construction of new projects that will be related with children and adult health, children’s schooling, economic development of depressed areas due to war and disease. 


Full Cycle Nanosat Services

Invema Group LTD will partner with Celestia Aerospace to finance the project with the amount of 120M. The main objective of this project will be to design, manufacture, launch, and operate nano satellite constellations dedicated to secure communications, remote sensing and a plethora of other applications, becoming the first ever full-cycle nano satellite services provider

International Hospital Financing

Esmeralda Medical Center

Invema is going to participate in the financing of an international Hospital which will contain 100 beds. The construction will be located at Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico. Some of the services that the hospital will offer are Neonatology, intensive therapy, electro-diagnostic and pathological anatomy. Also will have some support areas as Kitchen, dining room, pharmacy or laundry. 



For more than 10 years, Invema Group LTD, has provided trusted financial advice, strategic solutions, and consulting. Invema Group LTD, with its brand Invema Medical, is dedicated to simplifying to complicated healthcare system with next-generation technology and solutions, transforming healthcare from advancing the best talent, expertise and technology



In this segment Fundacristo CORP has seven flag Humanitarian, ecological and development projects or programs, that will be executed throughout the state of Florida Initially, the same as will be projected nationally and internationally.



Our solution focuses on meeting the needs of the small satellite users experiencing two main roadblocks: first one, the existence of a launch bottle-neck due to the lack of a launch system dedicated specifically to small satellites; second one, the lack of an integral service provider.
For the first time ever, the small satellite users will be able to cover all the value chain interacting with just one provider and have a dedicated launch system specifically addressed to this market, allowing for fast response times (no more than 2 weeks). The main goal is to provide an exquisite and global service so that the customer only has to sit down in front his computer and download the data of interest generated by his own satellite..




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