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We are proud to announce that Invema will provide funding to Fundacristo Corp. Programs and Projects from 2021 to 2036

Our collaboration with Fundacristo Corp., to support a number of excellent programs and projects, will provide meaningful investment in the areas of poverty alleviation, environment, health, and education. Invema continues to demonstrate leadership in responding to the financing needs of the environmental industry while recognizing the opportunity to focus commitment and attention on disadvantaged communities as directed by Fundacorp.

Fundacristo Corp. is a nonprofit based in Florida, with branches in Colombia, Panama, and Spain. Dedicated to social and economic development, which will aim to coordinate, promote and channel public, private, and non-governmental actions of national and international order, to promote the social and economic development of the Christian community in general with emphasis on Christian principles, moral and respect between living beings and these with the planet, based on theological aspects, technology and research in all fields. In addition, to promote the conservation and care of the environment through the formulation, management, administration, execution, and coordination of projects of the ecological order, of social welfare and economic development that contribute to improving the quality of life of the community, with the cooperation of agencies and state, private and non-governmental entities of the national and international order.

Invema keeps using its expertise as a financial adviser company and philanthropy to help create an inclusive recovery and provide economic opportunity to underserved populations. The finance of these programs and projects for Fundacorp will help with challenges facing the developing world today.

To see details of the projects, please click in the following link: BROCHURE FUNDACRISTO CORP – CEJA GROUP EN 20042021